Ulster Whiskey celebrates a unique place and its special role in the Whiskey story.

No other drink celebrates its history like “Liquid Sunshine” and in these pages you’ll discover Ulster’s place in the past, present and future of Whiskey.

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About Ulster Whiskey

The history of Whiskey is both fascinating and elusive. When was the leap made from water to beer and from beer to the water of life? Answers to these questions will likely never been known for certain but one thing is clear, that Ulster occupies a unique place in the history of Whiskey. From having the world’s oldest distilling license, granted in 1608, to the stories of Irish monks crossing the “Narrow sea” to Scotland and taking with them the water of life, the most northern part of Ireland has always played a part in the story of Whiskey.

This website aims to shine a light on this magical story, with tastings, history, reviews and everything else. So whether you call it Whisky, Whuskey, Aqua Vita, Uisce beata or simply Whiskey I invite you to come along and enjoy the story.

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Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.

Mark Twain