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The Quiet Man

“Alright, Dave?”  A classic line from the best comedy series ever made, “Only fools and horses”.  One character, Trigger, continually calls Rodney Trotter “Dave” for no good reason.  Once in the series, Rodney asks Trigger why he calls him “Dave” and gets nowhere other than to be asked if Dave’s a nickname.  It continually makes me laugh even after all these years and the many, many hundreds of times I’ve heard the joke (I spend way too much time watching Gold on Sky).

We have all been there though, calling someone the wrong name – and me, being terrible with names, it probably happens me more than most.  “Alright mate….  How you doing pal? ….  No bother, dear…” I say quite often simply because someone’s name has slipped my head – and rather than say nothing I fill it in with something.  It becomes a habit though and probably rather annoying for some people.

So, the Quiet Man – the whiskey, not the film.  I shall repeat this once again, it is the whiskey and not the film.  Every single time I have ever mentioned this drink. the response is always the same, “Oh the John Wayne film!”  This is often followed by a brief excerpt from the film, something along the lines of the fight scene, the stick to beat the good lady or the bit where the priest flings the fishing rod.  To be fair, it is an all-time classic and, like Only Fools and Horses, I have watched it many times.  If you are going to be compared to anything then a classic isn’t a bad thing to be compared to.

In this instance “The Quiet Man” being referred to is the father of the owner of the brand, John Mulgrew, who served as a barman for many years in a pub in Belfast.  Anyone who knows anything about Belfast, and a certain period of its history, knows that one of the best attributes a man could have is the ability to listen and say nothing.  A common saying around these parts is, “He was talking when he should have been listening” – when someone got a smack in the mouth, the accosted should have been quiet.   A confidante who could be  trusted, was a valuable asset and a friend.

As whiskies go, The Quiet Man Blend is matured for 4 years in first-fill Bourbon casks.  The malt content is much higher than the typical Scotch but isn’t as high as Black Bush, against which the Quiet Man falls in price point.  Where Black Bush has a deeper sherry finish, Quiet Man stays light, probably more typically Irish in that regard.  At around £25 a bottle it is a very affordable drink and it has quality both in presentation and taste.  For me personally it is a little light but is perfect for an everyday whiskey, for using with mixers and cocktails.

Quiet Man suffers a little from the classic Irish whiskey problem, there just isn’t enough range of flavour profiles, yet!  If you like a Jameson and ginger, try something different and take home a bottle of this for a change, it won’t disappoint and it’s good to try new things.

Nose:                         light floral, Malt, touch of cinnamon

Palate:                       Vanilla, little Citrus, Apple

Finish:                       Quite short and a little burn

Value for money:   Good

Score:                        7/10

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