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Islay boat trip

Islay Boat Trip

Stand on the iconic North Antrim Coast and cast your gaze across the narrow sea and you can see the Queen of the Herbrides, beautiful Islay. Home to the bad boys of Scotch! With 8 current distilleries and a few more in the planning, including the legendary Port Ellen, Islay is the spiritual homeland of the multibillion pound Scotch Whisky industry.

Book a trip with, Blue badge guide, Marty McAuley, and power out of Ballycastle in a state of the art Catamaran and around an 1 ½ later dock into Port Ellen harbour. On the way across a Whiskey tasting of an Irish bottling to compare with the Scotch monsters that lie in wait on the other side. Stop off for a bite of lunch (not included in the price) and then its distillery/distilleries visit.          

This is a wonderful trip that appeals to the Scotch lovers of the world, of which there are many.

Depart Ballycastle 10:30am

Whiskey tasting on board boat

Arrive Port Ellen 12 noon approx.

Port Ellen hotel for lunch

Distillery visits depending on the guests wishes and availability

Depart Port Ellen 4:30pm

Arrive in Ballycastle for 6:00pm

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  1. Janet

    How do I book a tour of islay from ballycastle.

  2. This is post May I ask you to contact us so that we can talk. It’s so good that i’m going follow you!

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