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Campbeltown Boat trip

One of the 5 distinct Scottish Whiskey regions, and the most regal of them all. If Islay is the bad boy, of Whisky, then Campbeltown is upper-class landed gent, and like an aristocrat whilst its heyday may be over it still has its heritage. At its peak this, wonderfully quaint, town had over 30 (Yes 30) Distilleries dotted around and was known throughout the world as “Whiskyopolis.” Sadly times change and things come and go but 3 distilleries remain and what a trio it is. Where Islay whisky is “Drag you by the hair, kick you in the throat and slap you around” Campbeltown’s: Springbank, Glengyle and Glen Scotia are like being chauffeured in a Rolls.

Springbank’s totally manual operation, Glengyle’s tiny “under one roof”-ness and Glen Scotia’s care and devotion make this truly unique place. With its friendly people, wonderful pubs and Haggis Nachos this is a trip to remember. William Caidenhead’s independent bottler is also in the town where there is a chance to purchase utterly unique bottlings.


Depart Ballycastle 10am

Arrive in Campbeltown for 11:30

To Springbank for tour of the distillery

Glengyle trip

Lunch in the Black Sheep, not included in the price

To Glen Scotia for a tasting

Trip to William Caidenheads

Depart Campbeltown 4:30 pm

Arrive back in Ballycastle 6pm approx.

Price is £160 pp minimum of 6 people maximum of 12

Owing to the nature of the trip, weather conditions may mean late cancellations. Alternative trip may be found.

To book a ticket follow the link below


Unfortunately the trip on the  1st of Sept has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Sorry

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