Proper twelve

So now the festive season is over, and I hope Whiskey Santa was very kind to you all, and a lot of us are into the “Dry January” spell. Now I have gone sober for a few after Christmas for many years now, don’t think it hurts to have a hiatus for a period after downing enough booze to sail a ship on, and absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. So as the dark gloomy winter nights roll on, faced with the added hardship of sobriety, I was faced with writing a review on a Whiskey. So, what to do? Well always wishing to turn negatives into positives I decided to review a drink that I have tasted before and am in no hurry to run back to.

For this, slightly different, set of circumstances I settled upon a Whiskey of such poor standing that, just from my previous notes I have all I need to write the piece. “Proper Twelve” is Conor McGreggor’s foray into the Irish Whiskey market, and launched in the Republic and the US last year prior to Conor’s last fight in Las Vegas, where he proceeded to get battered. Such is the popularity of “The Notorious” that it sold out in days and was limited to two bottles per customer in the shops in which it was for sale.

The Whiskey itself is a blend, from un-named sources, but a quick google tells you where the malt content is coming from and the grain is likely Cork based. The name “Proper twelve” refers to the Crumlin district of Dublin where the owner originates from, and is nothing to do with age. This is a three-year-old Whiskey, and has a feeling of having hit its third birthday has been whipped out of the barrel and away. The colour? Its about as natural a colour as David Dickenson. The label uses terms like “Smooth.. hints…balanced…” giving an impression of subtlety and refinement but is about as refined as a man who wears a suit with “F*** Y**” stitched into the cloth before getting totally out classed and knocked out.  This is a very poor showing.


Nose- Cheap furniture polish, citrus, granulated sugar  1/3

Mouth- Nutty, Clove rock sweets, cough medicine, vanilla is there, awful  0.5/3

Finish-  Chocolate, cocoa, toffee, little red berry, medicinal again 1.5/3

Value for money- no no no 0/1

Total- 3/10

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  1. great read… have been close to ordering this!!

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  3. Anything not done in moderation is always harmful, even if it is whiskey. I think we can easily put forward the idea that it is good to seek a balance in our drinking habits.

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