My next-door neighbour, who I call “The Exorcist”, because he makes all my spirits disappear, once told me that he loved Game of Thrones “Just don’t like the sex and violence.” It is broadcast in over 200 countries and territories around the world and is the most successful TV show in history, precisely because it is rammed full of sex and violence, and in TV and film that’s the perfect combination. Think the Exorcist likes Dragons and invented languages.

Game of thrones is reckoned to have brought over a quarter of a billion pounds to the Northern Irish economy and I regularly guide people, from all over the world, on tours to see the 20+ filming locations. It really is incredible but to be fair it is a match made in heaven, a show filled with violence, folklore, drinking and smart quips couldn’t really be filmed anywhere else. Sometimes you think things really should go well together but they just don’t, Jon Snow and Daenerys anyone?

Now Tullamore DEW cider cask really should work. The basic Tullamore DEW is very light, crisp and “appley” so a cider cask finished expression should, in theory, bring out the best in it, compliment it and enhance it but alas it doesn’t. As I write this the sun is shining, it’s warm and bright, what should be perfect conditions for this halfun but it just doesn’t hit the spot. When it is warm nothing quenches a thirst like Cider, it really does hit the spot, it is one drink I love ice in. I never take ice in Whiskey because I find it disrupts the sense of taste and stops any development and I want development. A range of flavours to make things interesting. The cider cask expression is Apples, Apples, more Apples. Not particularly nice Apples, just Apples. You get the point, right? This Whiskey isn’t bad it just isn’t great, doesn’t go anywhere or set any imagination on fire. Had looked forward to trying this one and it let me down.

Nose – Red apples, lightly toasted bread, Sherbet     1.5/3

Palate- Apples again, malt, mint, pear 1.5/3

Finish- Short, grainy, yet again Apple 1/3

Value for money- It is cheap but has limited availability, wouldn’t go mad to try and get it   0/1

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