Dingle Third batch Single Pot Still

Into the new year and the usual list of, quickly broken, lifestyle changes. My resolution is Dry January, go off the Halfuns for a month. Many people talk about going on diets and the latest is Veganuary, where they go Vegan for a month.  One temporary vegan explaining how eating a Gregg’s meat free Steak bake is saving the planet, prevents their arteries from clogging and making Greta Thunberg happy and the door will be ripped off my whiskey cabinet quicker than Vegan saying “I’m a Vegan you know.”

Why is there a big push more meat free meats? They don’t taste quite right and usually have a weird texture, so you always know that it isn’t meat. Far better to eat wonderful Indian cuisine, I would think, it’s full of taste, colour and texture. Great stuff. Ticks all the boxes. Now in the previous paragraph you may have picked up that I am doing “Dry January”, reason I have left it a few lines is to allow you come around from the shock but I do it every year. Reset the taste buds, counter over indulgence at Christmas and makes you appreciate good whiskey next time you have it. Now speaking of good Whiskey, I am going to be naming my “Whiskey of 2019” and it is the wonderfully layered Dingle Pot Still, batch number three.

Dingle are now part of the established Irish Whiskey scene, having been distilling for almost a decade but still feel exciting. This batch is a marriage between casks of Bourbon and Port aged Pot still and has a delightful dance of flavours, varying from sweet candy to sharp spice whilst waltzing through baked fruit and everything else. This will make you smile as much as the people who appear on Strictly, without the fake colouring. Fantastic.

Nose- Tinned peaches, Strawberry tart, Fruit salad sweets. 2.5/3

Palate- Again the fruit sweetness but more depth, more Raspberry and more baked. Lovely velvet textured mouth feel that gives an almost Chocolate feeling, there is a slight Cocoa taste but it is exaggerated by the feel. 3/3

Finish- Warm and warming, touch of vanilla, syrupy. The Pot Still spice kicks in, Ginger and Cinnamon. Long. Interesting, varying this will be different every time you try it. 3/3

Value for Money- Oh yes, very much 1/1

Total 9.5/10

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