So another lockdown, on top of the 6 week boxing day lockdown, and just with that dry January is once again abandoned. New Year, new excuse but think the current set of circumstances are much more excusable than last years “It is dark too early to be sober for a month” or the perennially handy “I have a very slight cold and need a little brandy….well I’ve broke it now” So with my resolution already in the bin what to reach for? Well, it certainly won’t be anything expensive because whilst January isn’t dry the tourist guiding order book is drier than toasted Weetabix. So, scouring the drinks cabinet I spied the latest release from Dublin distillery, Teelings and the name just seemed too appropriate not to review this month. “Blackpitts” does not suggest a fun time with the Hipsters, but might crack the face of a Goth or two. This bottling is triple distilled, non-chill filtered, 46% and peated.  It comes in a rather nice obsidian black looking bottle with a Phoenix rising on the front. There is no age statement on it but it is obviously very young as the distillery is only open 5 years and it tastes that way. The aging, what little there was, occurred in ex- Bourbon casks followed by a brief spell in ex- Sauterne barrels. Sauterne wine, for those who don’t know, is a sweet white wine from Bordeaux.  So we have smoke from the peat and then the fruit from the bourbon and wine but does it work? Well not for me it didn’t. The smoke is like an afterthought, left over from the night before and disjointed from the fruit. When you think of sweet and smoke you get an image of gorgeous basted BBQ meat but Blackpitts is more like eating a Nectarine beside an unlit fire. The overall feel of the Whiskey is there isn’t enough age, not enough peat, not enough sweetness and it isn’t balanced enough. If you aren’t a heavy peat fan then you might like a taste of this, as it isn’t medicinal like Scotch, and it may be the tonic you need for 2021, just not for me. Happy New year.

Nose- Citrus, Resin, Pineapple 1.5/3

Palate- Sweet peat, Clove, Nectarines 2/3

Finish- Mossy, Nutmeg, Marmalade 1.5/3

Value for money- 0/1

Total – 5/10

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