How are we doing during this lockdown? It has a never ending feel to it all but fear not dear readers this week, with not a jot of irony, I got sent a bottle of “The Liberator” Whiskey. Named after the great orator and political leader Daniel O’Connell, who sought liberation from, what he saw as, a terrible situation. Now sitting indoors, day after day, with nowhere to go and Netflixed to the hilt, watching as those who have been Excluded from help by the ones on the hill Liberation is exactly what is needed. Freedom to run about and having political leadership is something we can only dream of, thankfully we have whiskey soothe the nerves.

Liberator is from the Wayward Irish spirits company, a bonding company, and it is owned by Sir Maurice James Donagh MaCarthy O’Connell 7th Baronet of Lakeview and Ballybeggan and great great great grandnephew of the great man himself. Now the family have been importing spirits for a long time and on the bottle it states “Wayward since 1661” which reflects the family history of providing libations to the good people of Kerry since the 17th C. Sometimes legally, sometimes not so much.  The Whiskey itself is, if you log onto the website, a blend of malts from Cooley and the Great Northern Distillery. Blended malts are interesting for flavour but for history and romance they rely on the creator, and this has a nice story to it. A nice warming effect and it has a classy quality to it that makes you feel like you are drinking quality, something with thought and care taken on it. The finish on this whiskey is the best thing , it doesn’t develop massively but it carries the flavour on for a surprisingly long period, which is nice. If you like the flavour then the finish will be a treat. The palate is nutty and the spice factor adds an interesting, debatable, element. Is it heat? Pepper? Chilli? It is a nice little touch in the mix. Limited to 1000 bottles.

Nose – Nuts, blackberries and pepper spice 1.5/3

Palate – soft berry fruits, again the nuts and a more complex spice  1.5/3

Finish – good length that carries on with more complexity 2/3

Value for money – 1/1

Total –  6/10

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